Social and economic situation of the Municipal Formation

The economic development of the Municipal Formation Krymsk District is closely linked to changes of both the regional and federal levels. The process of marketing development of the Russian economy had a dual impact on the social and economic situation in the Krymsk district. On the one hand, there was an intensive process of the collapse of the majority of collective farms and enterprises (including municipal ones) in the 90-ies of XX century, which are not adapted to the conditions of activity in the market environment. On the other hand, new sustainable forms of economic development began creating as a result of opened possibilities to implement entrepreneurial abilities.

The growing openness of the Russian economy has created an opportunity to attract foreign investment, which will allow performing technical upgrading and receiving modern Western production technologies for a number of companies (AF Sauk-Dere, LLC; Soyuz-Vino, LLC; Sistemnyi Aluminiy, CJSC; Prok, CJSC).

At present time, the share of basic industries of the Krymsk district (industry, agriculture, retail trade and services, and construction) amounted to 1.8% in the gross regional product. The implementation of a number of investment projects will increase the contribution of the district to the gross regional product of the Krasnodar region and, accordingly, of Russia.

The Krymsk district has a variety of natural resources. The Krymsk district has such investment potential – mineral deposits, such as argillous raw materials for the production of bricks (2,410.3 thousand m3 of deposits), expanded clay (5,715 thousand m3 of deposits); siliceous raw materials (87,661 thousand m3 of deposits), construction stones (6,112 thousand m3 of deposits), glass sands (461,300 thousand m3 of deposits), silicate sands (13,952 thousand m3 of deposits), quartz sands, and others.

Fairly large number of mineral deposits available on the territory of the Krymsk district contributes to the establishment of enterprises for the production of construction materials, and the development of the brick, expanded clay and glass production.