A new type of tourism is developed in resorts of the krasnodar region

The largest Kuban vine producers offer their visitors enogastronomic tourism based on the art of combining certain wines with certain dishes.

As the press service of the Administration of the Krasnodar region reports, media representatives visited the facilities of the enogastronomic tourism, created in the Krasnodar region during the press tour. Thus, the journalists visited the enterprise Fanagoriya, where they were offered an enogastronomic dinner. Each time an appropriate wine was served with a particular dish.

This type of tourism is actively developed in the village of Abrau-Durso, where the wine tourism center was established. Just last year, over 163 thousand people visited the old mining tunnels of the Russian wine house. The Taman Peninsula is being successfully developed as well.

It is to be recalled that at present time, special wine routes are a success in the Krasnodar region. There are about 25 tour objects of such interest in this sphere in the region. Successful conjecture contributes the development of this direction of the tourism industry now: the tourist flow from Russia has decreased by 30 percent in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year, and the demand for domestic tourism has increased by a third.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region