Kuban innovators presented their project at the global forum Hello tomorrow in Paris

The Krasnodar developers group presented its project at the INVESTOR DAY International Summit of Science and Technology Entrepreneurship.

It is a site, on which the interaction between representatives of science, industry and investment takes place to highlight the most promising tomorrow’s startups and technologies. A team from Krasnodar – Dmitriy Lopatin, Dmitriy Samarskiy, Yelizaveta Korzhova and Oleg Baranov – presented the project "Printable Solar Cell Batteries" among the 100 best startups from around the world that have been demonstrated to European investors. The printable solar cell batteries are more effective in fog, cloudy weather and in areas with a high content of particulates in the air. The average price of such battery is two times lower in comparison with its analogues. The application area of the flexible panels is quite wide.

In total, more than 2,000 innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, corporations and journalists came together at the International Science Summit in Paris in 2015. Seminars, round tables and meetings with investors are held within the forum.

It is necessary to add that the idea on creating the flexible batteries was born by the doctorate graduate of the Radio Physics and Nanotechnology Department of the Kuban State University Dmitriy Lopatin, when still being a student he was in training at the Krasnodar company Saturn. It is an enterprise that engaged in the development of solar and storage batteries for space crafts. The project Printable Solar Cell Batteries has already received several grants: Dmitry Lopatin became a winner of the contest "Energy of Youth" and received help from the Bortnik Fund.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region