Dear investors and visitors of the district!

I’m happy to welcome you on behalf of the residents of the Municipal Formation Krymsk District and from myself personally.

The Kuban land is hospitable, rich and generous, and the Krymsk district is a piece of fertile and prosperous of the Krasnodar region. Thanks to its rich natural and recreational resources, economic potential, favorable geographical position of the region at the intersection of the main road and railway transport routes of the regional and federal levels and proximity to the regional center and to the coasts of the Black and Azov seas, we can with certainty position itself as an attractive and promising Municipal Formation.

The Municipal Formation Krymsk District has a diversified economy, which is based on:

  • mining operations;
  • wine industry (production of high quality grape and fruit wines and champagne);
  • glass industry (production of wine, champagne and beer bottles and glass containers for soft drinks);
  • agriculture (the rich fertile soils in the successful combination of the climatic conditions allow growing different plants: cereals and legumes, vegetables, fruits, berries and grapes – on the territory of the Krymsk district).

The district has a well-developed transport infrastructure: a railway centre located in the Krymskoye town settlement and the Krymsk railway station. The major railway and highway of Southern Russia provides access to sea ports and resort towns of the Azov and Black Sea coast.

There is everything for the implementation of investment projects aimed at developing a multi-industry, agriculture and agro-processing here.

The picturesque nature, the sources salty alkaline mineral waters and mud, known for their healing effect allow the implementation of investment projects of tourist-recreational districts.

In recent years, interest from the business to the Krymsk district has grown considerably. Large reserves of oil and gas and reserves of raw materials for the construction industry, the availability of a sufficient number of consumers with high income, the availability of a highly skilled workforce and a favorable location attract investors. Currently, we provide the investors ready sites for industrial and residential buildings, objects for social and cultural life and consumer services, dynamically developing agriculture with high culture of farming, as well as optimal conditions for development of small and medium-sized businesses.

The Krymsk district is open for cooperation with Russian and foreign partners. The Administration of the Krymsk district is ready to consider various options for raising capital, high technology, managerial experience and guarantees the creation of favorable conditions for successful business over the reliability of the potential investors.


Les Sergey Olegovich,
Head of the Municipal Formation Krymsk District